(Oregano, Lavender, Chamomile, Sage)“a place that smells of spakafrom one end to the other”

3γ2-1The aromatic plants and herbs generously offered by the rugged land of Mani are characterized by excellent aroma and taste and are famous for their healing properties.

People in Mani take utmost advantage of the rich flora of the area, using herbs to ensure and improve the quality of many local products. Besides honey, which owes its distinctive appearance and flavour to the thyme that dominates the slopes of the mountains, another treasure of nature is used in the production of syglino, a typical Mani delicacy: pieces of smoked pork get a unique flavour after being smoked in burning green sage.

Aromatic herbs feature prominently in the culture of Mani as they are used in folk medicine (linden, chamomile, sage) and in its cuisine as flavour enhancers (oregano, thyme, lavender).