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  • Centre of Information and
    Interpretation of Eastern Mani


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The Centre of Information and Interpretation of Eastern Mani is a modern city museum focusing on Mani, its history and its people.


The CIIEM focuses on how people in Mani adapted their lifestyles to their land at different times and historical periods. Its halls feature collections of objects of historical or symbolic value.

The main hall focuses on the landscape of Mani and the ways in which locals managed to adapt to this rugged land and tame the abundant stone to their benefit. Lifestyles, local products and means of collecting, producing and processing these products are presented through photos taken by G. Vourlitis as well as through other exhibits.

The cultivation and promotion of local products is particularly important in the current economic climate. The original taste and value of the products of Mani remains the same through the years. The modernization of the primary sector and the production of high quality nutritional products such as olive oil, honey and prickly pears are the key to restarting the local economy and improving competitiveness.

The second theme of the CIIEM is the city of Gytheio itself: the trade, the port, the photographers, the musicians, the poets, immigration, journalism and education.

Η δεύτερη θεματική ενότητα του ΚΠΑΜ «μιλά» για το νεότερο Γύθειο, το εμπόριο, το λιμάνι, τη μετανάστευση, τους φωτογράφους, τη μουσική ιστορία, τους ποιητές, τη δημοσιογραφία και την εκπαίδευση.

Beyond Gytheion (Marathonisi) is the area called Mani… This land, due to its rugged landscape is original thus establishing the special character and manners of its inhabitants…

* Excerpets from Baedeker K., (1894), 2nd ed., “Greece: Book for travelers”, Karl Baedeker: Leipzig, London


Flavours, memories, images, experiences and feelings will be your souvenirs from Mani. The Tourism Promotion hall connects the past with the present. Tour the region using interactive touch screen and learn about its tourist attractions: the monuments, the beaches, the churches and the archaeological sites, and find out about current cultural events, tourism businesses and gastronomy.

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