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Current exhibitions

The current temporary exhibition at CIIEM includes glass plates and vases manufactured and decorated at the glass factory of the Bodosakis-Athanasiadis Greek Chemicals and Fertilisers Company SA, during the second and third decades of the twentieth century. The collection has been donated by Vasileios Damilakos.

These items have been created in all the existing waxays of manufacturing and decorating glass. Those of them with decorative motifs inspired by the antiquity are entirely handmade and have received additional treatment with fluoride and enamel which gives them their aged appearance.

The shape and the decoration of all these objects have a lot in common with ancient Greek objects, especially with urns and lecythuses, in terms of style (technique, patterns), composition and colour combinations.

It is a collection of paramount importance that has received awards at international exhibitions, such as the 1937 Paris International Exposition and the 1939 New York’s World Fair. It has also won an award at the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair and participated in an international exhibition in Bari, Italy in 1938.