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The CIIEM collection was created with items offered by local people, friends and supporters of Mani. The donors responded to the invitation of Eastern Mani Municipality to contribute to the creation of the CIIEM collection by donating or lending personal items and family heirlooms. The exhibits were collected through mobilization, awareness and love for Mani.

The donors to the CIIEM are presented on the constantly updated list below.

Andreakos Georgios
Andreakou Stavroula
Andrikos David
Arapakos Theodoros
Arfanis Vangelis
Germanakou Tranou Amalia
Georgariou Petros
Giannareas Alekos
Glezakos Yiannis
Grafakos Nikolaos
Grafakos Pantelis
Damilakos Vasilis
Dimakakos Sotirios & Antonia
Kalyviti Elisavet
Karabatos Georgios
Karlafts Keti
Kolovos Sotirios
Kontakos Vasilis
Koubourou Sofia
Loukakos Panagiotis
Maniatakis John
Maniatakos Panagiotis
Manolakou Alkistis
Mihalakakos Pavlosl
Xanthakos Vasilis
Panagiotarakou Hrisoula
Papathanasiou Anastasis
Pavlidis Tasos & Petros
Poulikakou Panagiota
Sarantea Ekaterini
Tsakmakas Athanasios
Tsigakos Zaharias
Tsirivakou Efrosini
Fragias Evangelos
Haloulakos Marios
Hantziharalabous Simeon

We deeply thank these donors for supporting our efforts, for their trust and their love for the CIIEM.

For information about the donation process, click here………
Mani is represented by your own objects….


How can I offer?

Can I offer items even now?

Who can offer?

Do I have to donate only or can I also lend?

Will visitors be allowed to see the donor’s name?

What if I have family photos that I would like to offer but do not want to part with?

Will my personal or family heirlooms be safe at the CIIEM?

For further information please contact us:

Tel: 2733023888

Every personal or family heirloom has its own place at the CIIEM. Every object has a story to tell and each one of us will have the opportunity to remember, learn, be informed and eventually live a new experience.