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The Girls’ School Hall

Promotion of the Girls’ School and the history of the city of Gytheio

The second theme of the CIIEM is the city of Gytheio itself: the trade, the port, the photographers, the musicians, the poets, immigration, journalism and education.

The exhibit collection includes the printing machine on which “Laconia”, one of the major newspapers in the region, was printed, a mandolin, representative of the love of the people of Gytheio for music and a memento of Moretti, the Italian musician and director of the Philharmonic of Gytheio, as well as a number of items proving the wide range of commercial activity of the city. It includes archive artistic photography material through which the social, economic and artistic life of Gytheio revives before the visitor’s eyes, as well as original works and manuscripts of intellectuals originating in Laconia, such as world-renowned poets Giannis Ritsos and Nikiforos Vrettakos. At a corner, there’s a representation of a classroom of the Girls’ School taking elderly visitors back to their school years.

The Girls’ School Hall

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