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Tourism Promotion Hall

Πέραν του Γυθείου (Μαραθωνησι) έρχεται η κυρίως λεγομένη Μάνη.. Η χώρα αύτη δια τό αγροίκον της φύσεως είνε πρωτότυπος, καί ως τοιαύτη επέβαλε και χαρακτήρα και ήθη εις τους κατοίκους της ιδιαίτερα..

Beyond Gytheion (Marathonisi) is the area called Mani… This land, due to its rugged landscape is original thus establishing the special character and manners of its inhabitants…

* Excerpets from Baedeker K., (1894), 2nd ed., “Greece: Book for travelers”, Karl Baedeker: Leipzig, London

Flavours, memories, images, experiences and feelings will be your souvenirs from Mani. The Tourism Promotion hall connects the past with the present. Tour the region using interactive touch screen and learn about its tourist attractions: the monuments, the beaches, the churches and the archaeological sites, and find out about current cultural events, tourism businesses and gastronomy.

For those not familiar with computers who wish to get an idea of the cultural product of Mani, a reading room of the Municipal Library including works of poets from Mani and books about the local folklore is available.

With Gytheio as a starting point, theme trails, cultural events, culinary delights and tourist attractions are suggested to visitors. In this way, the beautiful experience at CIIEM becomes an interesting exploration of the region.

Additionally, for those who wish to plan tours in the region, leaflets with suggested routes are available.